So It Goes

текст песни Perry Como

You're feelin' bad,
you need a friend
it seems that night won't end
doubts an' fears fill the air
midnight shadows everywhere . . .

Don't be afraid
the dawn is near
to help you face your fear
you're not alone
we're really all the same
caught in the game of ";life"; we're playin'

So it goes . . . if there's an answer
then nobody knows
love's always dancin' just ahead
so hope is never dead somehow it grows

So it goes . . . the sea of mystery
it ebbs an' flows
a priceless gift of old
oh the magic of a simple rose
that's life an' so it goes . . .

When lonely times weigh on your mind
and hopes are hard to find
then use the good you've had before
to help you face the world once more
there's more in you than you can see
if only you believe
dream your dreams an' if they don't come true
you'll still get along, that's life,
just live it . . .

So it goes . . . if there's an answer
then nobody knows

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