The Father Of Girls

текст песни Perry Como

When youЎЇre the father of boys,
How you worry,
But when youЎЇre the father of girls,
You do more than that,
You Pray!

From the time of diaper and pin,
Ў®Till the time they cry, ";donЎЇt come in!";
Ў®Till the time you gown them in white,
And give them away,
You worry, you worry,
You worry, night and day!

When sheЎЇs a plain little girl,
How you worry,
But when sheЎЇs a beautiful thing,
You do more than that,
You pray!

Boys come Ў®round when they want a date,
Girls may only stay home and wait,
When sheЎЇs out you sit up all night,
With her first baby toy!

You trust her, but worry,

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