Appearance - сочинение на английском языке

How important is it for you to be attractive? Although everyone wants to be good looking, do you think beautiful people are always happy? I don't think so. For example, it must be a problem to be a very beautiful woman, because some men may be more interested in looking at this woman than talking to her. They think of her like a picture rather than a person. Some people think that very pretty women and handsome men are stupid, as a rule. These people are thought to be only interested in their appearance. Some people believe that only unattractive people can be clever. But surely no one wants to be really ugly; and no one wants to be plain either — that is to have rather simple face that can be easily forgotten. Being attractive can help you find happiness, but it does not always make you happy. So maybe the best thing is not to worry about your appearance. It is more important to try to be an interesting personality. Because interesting people are always attractive.

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