Can All People Become Champions? - сочинение на английском языке

We know a lot about physical training and sports. They are part of our everyday life. Sports help people to stay in good shape. Many boys and girls are interested in sports. They take part in sports activities, they visit either a sports club or a sports school. From time to time competitions are held and we hear about new champions. But what is the aim of such competitions? Is it to find out those who can produce the best results? Yes, that is one of the aims. But the main thing is to help young people to be healthy and strong. All people can go in for sports, but not all of them can become champions. It's a very difficult thing to win a victory in an athletics competition. An athlete must train a great deal and know many things about his or her kind of sport. At the same time it must be said that physical training and sports are very useful. They include tennis, athletics, hockey, football, swimming, basketball and so on. I think that team kinds of sports are popular among pupils because they develop quick thinking, character and self control, but it should be kept in mund that there is no obligatory aim to become a champion. Anyone who wants to to become a champion must remember that we are playing for our school, not for yourself, with a team, not alone.

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