Fashion in Russia - сочинение на английском языке

In my country, there are always trends and so teenagers wear a variety of clothes. A lot of teenagers are influenced by American TV and they try look like some American kids wear. Many boys like to wear large baggy trousers, Nike or Adidas trainers and baseball caps. Most girl seem to follow the latest fashion that they see in magazines and so they wear whatever is in. Others are inspired by rock groups and wear the same clothes that their favorite singer wears. Some teens want stand out from the crowd, many people think that they dress weird and stupid, but teenagers as to express their independent and individuality. There are teenagers who don`t tend to follow the latest fashion, but dress comfortably and tastefully. in our country clothing available to all. Even if you don`t have much money you can dress fashionably. In Russia there are shops with designer clothes that can buy rich people, and shops aimed at the middle class. Other like going to markets or second-hand shops. I think most people would spend about 100$ a month or clothes.

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