Informal letter to the hoster family - сочинение на английском языке

From: Sarah Smith (
To: Mr. and Mrs. James (James@
Subject: Hello from Cyprus!

Dear Mr. and Mrs. James,

I am arriving in New York airport at 10 am on Sunday (3 pm of Cyprus time) on 20th March. I think I am really lucky because I have opportunity to get free education and good knowledge in your country. It is a chance for me and I am happy that I am going to meet you. Few these people like you on Earth help someone like me, and for that I owe you a lot. I will study in the faculty of Law at Columbia University and I will be a qualified lawyer. I would like to say that in our family we eat more vegetables and fruits, instead of some sweets and fast food. I like pasta, rice porridge; I don't eat meat because I do not like it. I would like a single room, not very big but with central heating and air conditioning where can I feel comfortable. Students like me from all over the world are attending a variety of programs and are able to expand their knowledge and share different cultures and outlook on life.

If you have questions to me, you can sent me back e-mail
Best wishes,
Sarah Smith

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