Photography - сочинение на английском языке

Photography is very popular today, but there is a question, if it is art or nor. Let's discuss it.

Some people think that it is art, others that it is separate branch. On the one hand, photography and art are closely connected. Many painters used photographs in their works. Also, photography and painting have the same aim: People use them to document the life to show the world, the way painter or photographer see it. On the other hand, photography is the modern science. It is different from art, because it mostly documents the events and the world. Photographers can't transfer their thoughts and imagination to the photographs, and painters can do it, they can create their own world.

As for me, I think that photography can be considered as the part of the art. Of course, it is a new way of transferring artist's imagination, but it is still art, and it is closely connected with it. They have the same aims, they just realize it in different ways.

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