Robots - сочинение на английском языке

Robots are mechanical helpers of humans, that are capable to perform operations, according to the program installed in them. Nowadays, due to the scientific-technical progress, the elaboration of robots can significantly change human's way of life.

I think that no one could describe the future without robots (and particularly - androids), if they were asked to. And this is clear, cause even now we can see production prototypes, that demonstrate the achievements of scientists and engineers in this field.

And although, there are still a lot of problems to be resolved, I think we can already say with confidence that in the next 20 years better and cheaper technologies will appear in this field, that will lead to the creation of a market of robots of different functional purpose and difficulty level. This means that the androids (and other robots) will live and work among us, entertaining us and helping us in our everyday physical and intellectual labor.

Like in the American cartoon "Futurama" that shows the Earth in 3000 year. People and robots live there jointly. Of course, it's just a fable, and robots there are kind of animated (they really have soul or mind, like people), but it's really interesting point, cause sometimes, in the cartoon, they sort of overact and put themselves on the same level with people or even higher. It can really lead to thinking that robots will rule the world!

Sooner or later, robots will become an integral part of our everyday life, like computers or mobile phones. On the other hand, the level of development of robots depends on perfection in areas such as, for example, human speech recognition or artificial intelligence, and they have not had significant progress for several years. Until the experts of this field will not find a new paradigm, robots won't learn to perform complex integrated actions. But to bring slippers or to vacuum the room – they can do entirely. Actually robot cleaners are very popular right now. So, the future is for robotics, but it will take a few decades.

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