Sorochinsky Fair - сочинение на английском языке

There is an old and very good tradition among the people in the Poltava Region to have a fair in the village of Velyky Sorochintsy. This Sorochinsky fair usually takes place at the end of summer. The village of Sorochintsy is widely known in the whole world because of this fair. M. Gogol, an outstanding writer, described it in his famous works. The people of Sorochintsy organized this incredible fair very well. The people from the nearest and the distant villages come to the fair and sell their products and buy consumer goods. Many guests from different parts of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria and from many other countries come to Sorochintsy to take part in this fair. The representatives from many plants and factories bring their products to advertise and sell them. They make agreements on cooperation between different enterprises and try to do their best to co-operate with each other. At the Sorochintsy fair one can meet many interesting and talented people, one can listen to folk songs. Different exhibitions will show you the works of famous Ukrainian artists and ancient folk crafts. You may visit videosaloon and take part in different entertainments. You are all welcome to Sorotchintsy fair during the last decade in August.

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