The Story of "McDonald's" and "Coca-Cola" - сочинение на английском языке

In 1937 the McDonnald brothers, Dick and Mark, opened little restaurant in California. They served hot dogs and milk shakes. In 1945 they have 20 waiters. All the teenagers in town ate hamburgers there. When the 1948 year came they got paper boxes and bags for the hamburgers. They put the price down from 30 to 15 cents. There were no more waiters — it was self-service. So it was cheaper and faster.

In 1960s the McDonald's company opened hundreds of McDonald's restaurants all over the States. In 1971 they opened restaurants in Japan, Germany and Australia.

Now the McDonald's company opens a new restaurant every 8 hours. There are more than 14,000 restaurants in over 70 countries.The Coca-Cola story began in Atlanta in 1886. John Pemberton invented a new drink. Two of the ingredients were the South American coca leaf and the African cola nut. Pemberton couldn't think of a good name for the drink. Finally, Dr. Pemberton's partner Frank Robinson suggested the name Coca-Cola. Thirty years later the famous Coca-Cola bottle design first appeared.

For many years only Coca-Cola was made. They only introduced new drinks — Fanta, Sprite in the 1960s. The recipe of Coca-Cola is a secret. Today they sell Coca-Cola in 195countries. Hundreds of millions of people from Boston to Beijing drink it every day. It has the most famous trademark in the world.

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