Travelling to Russia and the USA - сочинение на английском языке

I want to begin my conversation with you about the travelling to Russia and my favorite country – the United States of America. As we know, travelling is the best way to learn more about other culture, to open our mind, to meet new foreign people and sometimes even to make a friendship with them.

Of course, Russia is the great country and everybody will be agree with it. It`s the largest country in the world, I`m so proud to live there. Russia is a homeland of classical ballet school and Russian literature is very popular throughout the world. All educated people know our writers, poets, compositors and they are exited by them.

I also want to talk about the USA. By the way, I became studying English language because of my love to the culture of this country. Nowadays USA is considered to be the world’s most powerful state. The economy of the country is characterized by steady growth, low level of unemployment and inflation, and great advances in technology. This is the country of contrasts that attracts different people from all over the world. I love this country cause there are many places worst seeing in the most beautiful town of the USA – New-York. The most famous of them is the largest statue in the world The Statue of Liberty, presented to the USA by France in 1886. The Empire State Building used to be the highest building, but now it is only the third. It is a 102- storeyed building. Broadway is the longest street in the world. It is about 12 miles long. It is the center of entertainments. The Central Park is also the largest park in the world.

In conclusion I want to say that for having a good travelling you should chose the country that is close to you, where you feel yourself free like a fish at the ocean and where everything will inspire you and give a wonderful mood.

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